Something Called 'Blue'

by Zach Puls

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When they say you "can't see the forest for the trees" they mean you tend to be too wrapped up in the details. This is an album is for those times. But what about when you "can't see the darkness for all the lights?"


released May 21, 2017

Skin and Bone
Ben Puls: production and percussion

My Own New Man
Max Biggio: vocals, guitar
Reece Lazarus: bass, vocals
Duncan Shea: percussion

Videos directed by Eric Ambrosino
and photographed by Markus Englmair

All songs written and performed
by Zach Puls



all rights reserved


Zach Puls New York

independent songwriter

email me:

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Track Name: Skin And Bone
we are composed
of hidden notes
written to expose
my intentions
are confused
this miscommunication
is caused by
the sensation
of fear
of the day
when our hearts
will rot away
with our skin
and with our bone

skin and bone

and now we know
the end of all our questions
when we lose our possessions
and let go
heading home
the wandering confessions
sent adressed to the unknown
so it goes
empty observations
obessesed with mirror of control
down the road
discovering dimension to the limits
of our skin and bone

skin and bone
Track Name: My Own New Man
well life
can only hurt so much
and you and i
can only take so many drugs
but tonight, i've had enough

and love
can be pretty tough
and you and i
we really fucked it up
but tonight, i'm waking up

i'm going to start
becoming a man

and i'm going to
do the best i can

i'm going to stand up
when i've got to
and sit down
when i must

be careful not to hurt
the ones i love

and as much as i
would like to
lock myself away

i can't let the darkness
take my life

and no matter how i try
and you know how hard i try
i will never ever be
bruce springsteen...

but if i can hold my head up straight
i could be

My Own New Man
Track Name: Something Called "Blue"
when you're lost
and you're off
on the wrong highway
and you're feeling angry
with nothing left to say
can't reach out to someone new
when there's no one to talk to
and it's true
it something called "blue"

when you're stuck on an island
and you feel you can't be heard
you've go to find some place
where you can use your voice
lonely hearts stay alone
it's a feeling
its something called "blue

stuck in the doorway of this life
and the one that you see

it's your hands and your feet
that will give you the beat
to be dancing and singing
out in the street
it's a feeling
between me and you
it's something called "blue"
Track Name: Aftermath
i put my head
under water
to put out
the flame

but i was
burning inside
i could still
feel the pain

now i'm dancing
with joy
in my skin
and in
my bone

been composing
to save
my soul

but why would
i leave
if i've got
nowhere else
to go?

if i pick up
my insides
will you come
back for more?