Another Country

by Zach Puls

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These are recordings done while living in Nashville 2012-2015 and featuring performances by many friends in different groups. Most of these particular songs were being performed live by a rotating cast of players under the name "Jeans" in 2015, before I left Nashville to move to New York and were compiled as an album in early 2016 as a document of the time that I felt was a transition period for me and how I wished to share my music. This was released as a limited edition cassette tape, with two bonus songs, in March 2016, and now has been mastered by Nick Bullock for digital download.


released March 20, 2016

Zach Puls: production 1/2/7, vocals and guitars 1-7, organ 2/3

Duncan Shea: guitar 3, bass 4, bg vocals 4, voice solo, 5
Elliott Weaver: guitar 3/7 voice, recording 5, bass 7.
Julian Ciany: drums organ 7
Lee Putney: drums, 3.
Conor Belcher: voice 5
Jon Samuels: radio recording 6.
Nick Bullock: production 1/4 drums & percussion on 2

Thanks to everyone who performed on the recordings included on the album or also to everyone who also performed live or in rehearsal over those years.

All songs written by Zach Puls, 2012-2015
except "Wasted and Scared" by Duncan Shea and Zach Puls, 2011-2012 and "Trails Of Thunder" by Zach Puls, 2008.



all rights reserved


Zach Puls New York

independent songwriter

email me:

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Track Name: Telephone Lines
cutting open mattress factories
carving out the modern world
curtains cover naked bodies
slipping in and out of love

groovy moving time
crossing telephone lines

now i'm slipping into sleep
swimming into oceans
deeper than the shore

watching over pillowcases
hair brushing my face
the space outside the universe
like lights inside a silver vase

groovy moving time
crossing telephone lines
groovy moving time
Track Name: Wild Nights
my dream's alive in a tangled mess of flowing flights of silhouettes down on beach front taverns in the misty sweet visions of heaven's glowing neon signs before the summer starts to sweat and spin we meet on boardwalks broke and bent by majestic dripping soldiers caught inside the storm spiraling toward spotlights shout good bye old world good bye tonight say hello the wild nights

dancing on an airplane kissing by the creek the moon exposes secrets while the children are asleep bleeding in the dark painting pictures under tents on the faces and the spaces between what is and what is yet oh jesus christ don't waste my time crossed the ocean underwater illuminations spilling wine bottles on the boat in a golden field of sunshine separate the clouds open windows to the wild nights

innocence in court rooms means nothing in the bed rooms in corners and in closets and rivers full of sand dunes churches full of stained glass shining down on phone booths masses of people singing hymns up to the steeple breaking down the gold doors holding back the white noise buzzing fuzz to cops selling drugs up to the land lords busting up the pranksters covered up in day glow too fast too slow celebrating letting it go letting it go say hello to the wild nights
Track Name: Girl In White
this is a party in the basement for the lonely hearted kids i see a girl look through the window and she's wearing a white dress and in the backyard by the fire there's a blind man pulling tricks as the priests are trying to sleep in the church across the street i hear those cars pull in from jersey with their radios cranked loud the band is playing born to run the crowd is dancing in the dark and it's friday nite i want to feel alright i want to dance tonight with that girl in white

now i'm walking in the doorway when some brother grabs my arm he says i don't know what you're doing here and i don't know who you are so i start to turn around when i see johnny driving by and we bust right through that broken door and i look him in the eye and i say he's from massachusetts man and me i'm from new york yeah and now we live in tennessee and we like rock n roll and its friday night i wanna feel alrite i wanna dance tonight with that girl in white

so come and dance with me virginia i see ya standing all alone i wanna take you in my arms want to take you on the road from new jersey to new orleans california to st paul we could drive around this country try to see it all because i'm tired of all this anger and i feel it every night but when i dance to rocknroll i start to feel alright so feel alright because its friday night i want to feel alright wanna dance tonite with that girl in white alright.
Track Name: Wasted And Scared
its been a long night already and my friends just left
they went home for christmas and i'm all by myself
i walked around the house about a couple of times
things are getting strange but they're all in my mind

now its six in the morning and its getting bright
i can see the shadows in the morning light
i've got no choice i've got to be strong
these next two days are going to be long

lock the doors
turn off the lights
i'm getting wasted
and scared tonight

well i'm lonely and my stomach's spent
i've lost my taste for medicine
i called you on the telephone
someone picked up said you weren't home

spirits are here
i'm ready to fight
by getting fuckin
wasted and scared
Track Name: Trails of Thunder
tonight those bright glow worms shine trails of thunder while the summer sees its hallowed end full of promise in a hardcover hollowed out and written over ending with a third act twist and shout out your window to a savior dressed like shakespeare while the children crawl across the street i see lovers change colors and liars burn covers turning faucets streaming fountains of blood tonight i'm dancing i'm drinking missing kissing and i'm dreaming of an angel dressing up like a girl speaking with tongue love learn to live loud call the kids to jump off the cliff because these are the days we will never tell our kids someday
tonight tornados tear apart church steeples while fire engines flash lightning over mountains of dirt stone angels stand wounded and weeping for children caught in swordfights with them saturday saints now i feel just like judas kissing cheeks and pulling punches hanging crosses at the top of the hill i am standing in the valley holding hands and eating apples trying to speak my love in silence to eyes made of pearls and the girl
Track Name: Wormholes (Group Version)
Like a bird telling stories on a telephone wire
Or a momma in the back seat strapping in her child

A night on the town for the feedback kids
An abstract decision on a mountain within

Like birds searching wormholes
After rain from the sky
Or an old song on soft
In the summer night

It's only a stone's throw
Til the birds all fly off
Or a record on the radio
Years almost forgot

Well now I'm starting to feel
Like spinning colors on a game show wheel
Old tapes selling freight train weight
And the thought I'm doing right in the twilight

Let it all go now
Reflections of light

It reminds me of Texas
Replied with a grin
Remember that sunset
And drinking warm beer?