Demo Crazy

by Zach Puls

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"In this endevor to wed the vision of the Old World with that of the New, it is the writer, not the statesman, who is our strongest arm. Though we do not wholly believe it yet, the interior life is a real life, and the intangible dreams of people have a tangible effect on the world."
James Baldwin, "The Discovery of What It Means To Be An American"

In 2012, the night before Election Day, I went to the bar next to the brewery where I worked in Nashville to meet my friends and to my surprise, there was absolutely no music playing, just silent. I walked around angry asking: "Why there was no music?" Somebody told me that, "the bartender turned down the jukebox down because somebody played an hour-long song that he didn't want to hear again."

I went and argued with the bartender for a minute then asked him if I could take a vote. He agreed and I went around to the whole bar and asked if "they'd rather listen to nothing than listen to whatever comes up in the jukebox" but most people agreed they'd take the chance and listen to "whatever comes up" and so the bartender reluctantly turned back up the music, only on the condition that if I was ever to be in the bar when that hour-long song, which was Jerusalem by Sleep, that he hated, was played again, I would be banned for life. It was a very steep offer, but I took it and the song ended very soon after it turned back on and we had a night of "whatever came up" on the jukebox.

A friend came up and said half-jokingly "that was appropriate for the night, it was democracy in action."

I laughed and shouted "Democrazy!" It struck me and I scribbled it on a napkin, saying it like a Frenchman: "Demo Crazy!"



released April 27, 2017

The songs were written all over the place including in Rome in 2011, then in Nashville in 2012, back to Ithaca in 2010, Long Island 2008, Nashville in 2012 and 2014, and New York City in 2016.

All songs written by Zach Puls, 2008-2016 except for Wasted and Scared by Duncan Shea with Zach Puls, 2011-2012; State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen; sections of Can We Dance Real Slow by Neil Young from a song from the movie Made in Heaven; (Here Comes) The Meter Man inspired by The Meters.

Speech on Over Everything by Nina Turner, 2016.

All songs performed by Zach Puls with:
Max Biggio: vocals on Heads Above Water

Live band for State Trooper:
Max Biggio: guitar and vocals
Brenda Mahler: keys and vocals
Brian Herrick: bass
Lee Putney: drums
recorded by Neil Kaplan at the Fat Bottom brewery, 2013



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Track Name: After The Fall
don't hate your friends
they're just trying to do what they're told
and i know
yes i know
i don't want to be alone anymore
and i tried
but i didn't try with all of my heart
and my mind
but i found out i'm alive
Track Name: Union of the State
last night i had a dream
and then max broke his teeth
duncan had cut his arm
things were getting dark

life can get pretty dark sometimes
right then i realized:
darkness can take your life

we listened to the brotherhood of life
harry was pretty scared
and i was too
i bandaged duncan's wound

life can get pretty dark sometimes
right then i realized:
darkness can take your life

i listened to the union of the state
it made no sense and i fell asleep
i wish this world would end
and we could live in harmony

ride the wave,
baby ride the wave.
Track Name: Rock and Roll
oh mama i love that rock and roll
i love the way it cleans my soul
play it fast or play it slow

someone said the other day
"is rock and roll still here to stay?
kids these days have nothing left to say."

i love it when i'm all alone
and i love it when there's no one home
i love it when its on the radio

"doing what's already done,
singing what's already sung."
i don't believe everything i hear

i love it drinking at a bar
i love it driving in the car
i love it when we're singing at a show

cause if you have no place else to go,
won't you meet me on the dancefloor?
Track Name: Heads Above Water
we've been sinking on this ship
but i don't think we should quit
we can make it if we try
we don't have to say goodbye
to each other tonight

we're and full of love a
and isn't that enough
tonight we don't let go
tomorrow we've alone

we've been singing all night long
trying to figure out this song
the storm is coming strong
we're waiting for the calm to come

we'll keep fighting through these waves
swim and sing until we're safe
i don't care about the rain
i don't care if we go insane

(we must keep our heads above the water)

we could dance until the sun
burns up everyone
sing until the day
the day we go away from here

quick the morning's coming fast
and i'll don't think we'll last
but i don't want this love
to fade into the past

(we must keep our heads above the water)
Track Name: Over Everything
the party's over
everyone's gone
and i'm sitting
and wondering
what went wrong

i thought i was
over everything
what did i know
chasing the heart
of something
and letting it go

all around the country
all around the town
all around you and me
all around

if you want the long way home
i can show you the way
if you're looking for heaven
well you better start praying

i thought i was
over everything
finding the heart
of something
and letting it show